Poulenc Sextet for piano and winds

French composer Francis Poulenc (1899-1963) an...

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Francis Poulenc (1899-1963) composed the Sextet for piano and winds in 1932/39. Written around the same time as the Trio for piano, oboe and bassoon, both works reflect Poulenc’s neo-classical influence also had by Stravinsky. In fact the work closely references Stravinsky’s Concerto for Piano and Winds (1924).

This three movement composition has the same stylistic approach to the Trio. Both outer movements are sprightly and never seems to rest on any one theme before introducing another. The slower second movement has been likened to the middle movement of Mozart’s Piano Sonata K. 545. The lyrical lines are blended well with the upper wind instruments.

This period of Poulenc’s compositions exploit the characteristics of all the wind instruments. There is a constant excitement underlying Poulenc’s writing demonstrated through his choice of tempis.

Let’s hope we can keep up with all the bustling notes….

Concert: Saturday 12 November at 7pm at St Philip’s Church, 3 York Street.

Tickets at the door: $20-$30, $70 family.

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