About Sirius

Sirius Chamber Ensemble was formed in 2011 by Ian Sykes (clarinet) and Alison Evans (bassoon) with Julia Zeltzer (french horn), Georgina Price (viola), and Clare Kahn (cello), later adding Claire Howard Race (piano), Melissa Coleman (flute) and Martyn Hentschel (violin) to the ensemble.

The name ‘Sirius’ pays homage to the flagship of the First Fleet, the H.M.S Sirius that sailed from Portsmouth, England to Port Jackson during 1787-1788.

Our passion is to perform music from the classic to contemporary periods, in a friendly and accessible atmosphere. We are committed to collaborating regularly with local composers and presenting new music alongside the classics. We relish the opportunity to perform the larger works for winds, strings and piano, as well as music for smaller groups of instrumentalists. Our repertoire is diverse and often features unusual combinations of instruments.

Sirius Chamber Ensemble performs a regular concert series featuring the core ensemble augmented by guest artists. Since 2014 we have also featured programs of music showcasing the music of local composers. Recent and upcoming collaborators include composers Alan Holley, Spike Mason, Christine Draeger, Paul Smith, Nigel Ubrihien; and performers Taryn Srhoj (soprano), Jermaine Chau (mezzo soprano), Andrew Smith (saxophone), Georgia Lowe (harp), Matthew Collins (trumpet) and Alex Fontaine (oboe).


H.M.S Sirius

Sirius Chamber Ensemble

Our core members includes flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, french horn, violin, viola, cello and piano. With this diverse range of musicians we are able to stage works with different instrumentation from both the classical and contemporary periods. All of our programed repertoire will feature one, if not all of our core members augmented with other wind and string instrumentalists. We enjoy performing the following combinations.

Clarinet, Cello or Viola and Piano Trio

This popular combination is blessed with a collection of some of most beautiful classical and romantic repertoire, with Bruch, Beethoven, and Mozart being some of the highlights of our concert series.

Wind Trio

Composers of the 20th century, particulary from the French school, have contributed some fantastic compositions for the wind trio, traditionally clarinet, oboe and bassoon or flute, clarinet and bassoon.

Wind Quintet / Winds and Piano

We are fortunate to have a wealth of repertoire for wind quintet, including the classical works with piano written by Mozart and Beethoven to the more contemporary compositions from the 20th and 21st centuries.

Larger works for winds and strings

We are lucky to have some fabulous guest musicians to collaborate with. Our recent performances for larger ensembles include Martinu’s Nonet and La Revue de Cuisine; the Australian premiere of Kenneth Fuchs’ Quiet in the Land and the premiere of Nigel Ubrihien’s Mestizo Dances for flute, clarinet, bassoon, french horn, violin, viola and cello.

If you would like to join our mailing list please leave us a comment or email us via sirius.ensemble@gmail.com

2 responses to “About Sirius

  1. stephen pleskun

    Dear Sirius Ensemble,
    It is wonderful to have an ensemble such as yours to maintain the varied repertoire available to your flexible instrumentation. I would hope that Australian content will be given some prominence (who else will do it?) and that all of you experience long lasting artistic success as a unit and as individuals…
    All the very best,
    P.s. I have included you in volume 4 of the chronology

    • Dear Stephen,
      Thank you for your great suggestions. We are indeed programming some Australian music this year. More specifically, we will premiere new works by Sydney-based composers.
      We are very excited to have great colleagues writing for our unique ensemble.
      Please stay in touch for more news throughout the year.

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