The Elements

Since ancient times, the four elements of nature – earth, air, fire and water – have inspired creative expressions by philosophers, poets, artists and musicians. Sirius Chamber Ensemble presents an all-Australian program of music inspired by these Western elements of culture, accompanied by stunning images by Slovakian-born photographer Henrich Varga. The selection of compositions and photographs reflect the impressions that these four elements – seen throughout the unique Australian landscape – has influenced Australian contemporary composers and their music making.

Graeme Koehne. Time is a River (2010) for clarinet and string quartet is a moving tribute to his mother. The clarinet represents a persona drifting down a swirling, free-flowing river depicted by the four voices from the string quartet.

Andrew Schultz. In From Fire Country (2003) a solo bass clarinet evokes the desolate landscape after destruction from fire.

Eve Duncan. Aer Turas (Air Journey) (2018) for flute, clarinet and cello depicts how the distinctive quality of air in varying landscapes across three continents can have a fresh, uplifting experience of being in nature.

Chris Wright. String Quartet (Premiere) will utilise the four instruments of the string quartet to depict all four elements.

Nigel Butterley. The Wind Stirs Gently (1992), inspired by a poem by Kathleen Raine, is a free rhapsodic conversation between flute and cello.

Gordon Kerry. Silver-Point (2000) for solo flute refers to the use of a silver wire to create a pencil-like drawing, and reminds us of the ways the earth – and the other elements essential to life – can be adapted to form art.

Musicians: Melissa Coleman (flute), Ian Sykes (clarinets), Clare Kahn (cello), Vanessa Tammetta, Dominique Guerbois (violins), Lucy Carrigy-Ryan (viola).


When: Sunday 21 October 2018, 2:00 pm

Where: Annandale Creative Arts Centre, 81 Johnston St, Annandale.

Tickets: $20 Adults, $15 Concession, $10 Children – Available at or at the door.

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